Muppets Rock”

TYPE A - 2015-2017

Type A’s "Not So Perfect" is an eclectic mix of original Rock and Roll, Alternative Punk Pop, Folk Rock, Reggae and Funk and Muppet Music. 

Type A played together for about 5 years. We started as 2 teachers playing tunes after school. We added a couple more teachers and accumulated several other musicians over the years. We had lots of sit in musicians over the years, many of whom are on this album. We certainly could not have done this without them. The main band members were Dr. Houghton, Ricky Mapleton (AKA Mr. G), Señor Fitzpatrick, Mr. Perron, Robbie Otto, and Brother Charlie. We kicked it in the Highway 77 basement studio - off and on – for over 5 years. These songs are the result of the joyful experiences had over that time period. All songs were written by the Type A band! 

We hope that you enjoy our eclectic mix of originals many of which were performed live. This album was produced with the Muppets in mind. As you explore the sounds of Type A, consider the music of Muppets dancing and singing these songs. Enjoy! 

In case you want to know who is doing what on each of the songs, here is a list: 

Larry Houghton (musician and producer): 1) Perfect: Electric guitar, 2) ancient river: Lead Electric guitar 3) Ain’t what it seems: Electric guitar and lead and harmony vocals, 4) hip hop comedy song: Electric Guitar, backup vocals, 5) Say and do: Acoustic guitar, piano, lead vocals, 6) little white envelope: Lead and harmony vocals, Acoustic guitar, 7) Smell the flowers: Organ, 8) Seaweed: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead vocals, keys, Bass riff 9) wheels: lead and harmony vocals, Piano, 10) chew: Lead and vocals, Acoustic guitar, 11) Living your life on the internet: Electric guitar, vocals, Synthesizer, 12) Feeling low down: Organ  13) What about me: Lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead electric guitar, and bass, 14) awkward situation: Piano, 15) Mr. G likes to rock, Lead Electric guitar, vocals 16) silver fox: Lead Electric guitar 

Cody Howe: Lead electric guitar: Ain’t what it seems, Chew: Harmonica and Piano 

Ricky Mapleton: Bass: all songs except for What about me, Lead vocals: Perfect, hip hop comedy song, silver fox, awkward situation, Mr. G likes to rock, living your life on the internet. Backup vocals: chew, say and do, and seaweed 

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Acoustic guitar and vocals: Perfect, hip hop, ancient river, silver fox, smell the flowers, feeling low down, awkward situation, Mr. G likes to rock 

Rob Otto: Lead Electric guitar: Say and do, smell the flowers, feeling low down, seaweed, Drums: Wheels, Smell the flowers, Say and do, Seaweed, Awkward situation, what about me, Percussion and egg: Wheels and Seaweed Chris Higgins: Drums: Little White envelope, Chew, Ain’t what it seems 

Phil Clarner: Mandolin: perfect, Hip Hop Comedy song, Mr G likes to Rock Banjo: What about me and Silver Fox Acoustic Guitar: Silver Fox 

Sam Perron: Drums: Living your life on the internet and Feeling Low Down, Lead Guitar: Awkward situation 

Chuck Houghton: Drums: Perfect, Hiphop Comedy song, ancient river, Mr G likes to rock, and Silver Fox

Type A

Not so Perfect

Type A

Original Muppet music based on a Classic Rock and Roll

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