MR. G AND LARRY JAMS 2014-2017

These are really rough recordings. They were meant as a way for me to digitally capture my efforts to learn how to write songs, learn new instruments, learn how to sing, learn how to use different effects, etc. Mr. G and I started out playing music together at the high school we teach at. When we first met, I played upright bass, a little bit of guitar, and really couldn't sing at all. I had played upright bass in VA for 6 years and my background in music was Old time music (Jugbusters), a little bluegrass (Spooky legs), honky tonk (Paul Clark and the Lonesome Drifters, and folk rock (The Jackass Menagerie and Uncle Larry).

Mr. G on the other hand was heavy into classic rock and roll, particularly heavier rock bands like Rush and The Who. We were definitely coming from two totally different worlds. But, we wanted to learn how to play different instruments and we both wanted a place to play our own tunes, so we joined forces and began exploring writing and playing new musical instruments as a duo in my unfinished basement. I bought a drumset and then added a few mics and speakers.

Eventually, we found another teacher who could sing and played acoustic guitar (Ryan Fitzpatrick). He joined us and soon enough we were on our way to learning and playing "music" together. Within the next few years, I had a full blown studio down there. These recordings represent our journey as musicians and friends. The recordings really are very rough, but it's fun to listen back to the beginnings of me and G learning how to play drums and electric guitar and learning to jam with Ry. 

Learning to play new instruments

Mr. G and Larry learn to jam on new instruments

G, Larry and sometimes Ryan

These songs are mainly about trying to learn new instruments and playing new original tunes. These recordings are from the early days. They help show the evolution of Type A. WARNING: There is some use of profanity in a few of these songs. If profanity offends you please skip this section of the website. Thanks!

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G Exploring Bass and Larry learning Electric Guitar

Larry and G

These tracks are elongated "space jams". All these tracks are attempts at learning the neck of the electric guitar, trying out different effects on the guitar, bass and vocals. They were attempts at learning instruments and some new recording tricks.

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Below is Mr. G's Rock opera. Mr. G approached Ryan and I with his rock opera. I jumped on the drums, Ryan on acoustic guitar and here is what we made. It is really, really rough and very, very silly. We had an incredible time playing it. It's very funny and ridiculous and we played pretty bad at times, but it captures something creative and fun.